Celebrate New Years in Atlantic City At The Chelsea Hotel

New York City may be the center of attention this New Year’s Eve 2012, but Atlantic City definitely takes home the trophy for one of the hottest parties lined up this New Year’s. If you’re on a quest to make this NYE 2012 one of the best, make sure to check out the classy and beautifully decorated Crystal Room ballroom inside the famed Chelsea Hotel. The Crystal Room will open its doors and celebrate New Year’s Eve 2012 in true nightlife show-stoppin’ style.

Chelsea Hotel’s Crystal Room fulfills the party revelers check-off list. With a sexy crowd, 5-hour premium open bar and a renowned DJ, the Crystal Room will be a party you won’t want to miss. A constantly danceable stream of current hits and remixed classics, transitioning seamlessly between the hottest beats sprinkled with hints of house set the mood for the last night of the year. Sip champagne, imbibe on your choice of whiskey or tequila and dance the night away in this 4,400 square-foot banquet space. The smart, sleek design that combines the Crystal Room’s namesake—the chandeliers— and the gorgeous Terrazzo floors with classic fabrics and modern furniture make for a truly timeless setting. With their state of the art sound system and stage that plays host to some of the most exciting DJ’s and performers to date, the Crystal Room maintains a focus on quality over quantity and makes sure that each party thrown is a party unforgotten.

You can be the envy of all on the most celebrated night of the year by stepping it up a notch and gaining access to Club C5—an intimate and exclusive section inside the ballroom which has won the title “club within a club”.  C5 is a completely renovated mini-mansion with a dance floor as exciting and wild as any. The refurbished, retro-chic boutique hotel offers two lounge areas inside C5 where the illustrious and attractive clientele can chill, chat and romance in style. Its boutique nightlife experience with glamorous rock-n-roll edge, melding opulent art deco and art nouveau style is the perfect touch to create the ideal setting and ambiance for the best New Year’s Eve yet!