UK Unveils Plans for World’s Biggest Airport

Source: The Guardian UK

Plans for an elaborate new transportation hub—to be called the Thames Hub—in the UK were recently unveiled. The hub would be the world’s largest airport and the plans are a joint venture between architecture firm Foster & Partners and economic consultancy group Halcrow and Volterra.  London Mayor Boris Johnson has already given the his kiss of approval.

Should the plans be approved, the proposed travel center will be located at the end of the Thames Estuary and cost £50 billion to complete. The goals of the proposed hub are three-fold: the first is to build a new Thames barrier that would extend the flood-proof zone further along the river, thus allowing a large amount of the surrounding land to be developed.  The next is to build a high-speed rail hub for commercial and cargo trains traveling around UK and Europe—which the designers hope would eradicate the need for container trucks. The last purpose of the hub is to relieve some of the pressure from Heathrow by opening a new international airport, designed to handle 150 million passengers each year.

Source: Business Insider

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