– Mixing SF Tech with the Savvy Styling of Marcy Carmack

Photography Credit of Marcy Carmack: Drew Altizer

With the plethora of flash sale sites all fighting for our impulse bound trigger fingers, there’s only one site that based out of the tech-heavy SF Bay area: is a marriage between one of SF’s brightest tech-start-up executives, Julie Wainwright of, CEO of Berkeley Systems, fame  and one of SF’s most lauded stylists:  Marcy Carmack, whose clients include the who’s who list of SF society.  TheRealReal is unique in that it offers both new and items on consignment.   The site carries top notch designers like Jason Wu, Celine, Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent and all those on the 2nd and 3rd floor of Neimans but at very discounted prices.   This members only site also offers premier membership for a token $5 per month so that First Look Clients can receive advanced access to merchandise.  While Haute Living doesn’t really include shopping at secondary markets (unless it’s for banned wild beluga*), the prestige and notability of Ms. Carmack in the San Francisco social scene made us take a second look.   Furthermore the site’s sustainability mantra about reuse and recycle certainly fits into the San Francisco mindset.   A Marni is a terrible thing to waste!

Haute Living SF sat down with Ms. Carmack about

HL: What sets apart the RealReal from all the other flash sale sites?
We are the only flash sale site for consignment. We are also the only flash sale site that has high-end brands only (Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, YSL …  ).

HL: Do you offer your styling advice to potential shoppers?
MC: Styling advice is offered on my blog that is attached to the site but not all shoppers know about it. You can see lookbooks I have done, clients I have styled and many other fashion musings.  The whole blog is high-end designer like the The RealReal. The site is pretty much just set up for sales right now as we had to buy software off the shelf as a startup.  As we grow, we will be able to customize and the sky is the limit as far as styling advice.

Every Friday there is a sale called “Marcy’s Picks” where I chose the things I think are the coolest that week.

HL: What are some must A/W 2011 trends that are worth investing in?
Polka dots and lace are two trends worth investing in because neither really goes out of style.

What are 3 of your favorite pieces currently available on theRealReal?
Right now we have a top sale and there is a Michael Kors camel cardigan that I used in a photo shoot for the front pages of the site. That reminds me to post some of those on my blog. The cardigan is a great basic that can be mixed around in a wardrobe a million ways and it is only $145. Sales are up for 72 hours and if it isn’t sold, it will be seen in a different sale in the future.

Marcy’s Picks starts every Friday and lasts 72 hours. In that sale, there are some black Gucci sandals that are very cool and iconic with the horse bit.  There are also some Ferragamo flats that are cool and retro. Ferragamo is back.

HL: Is the RealReal collection based in SF and do you perhaps plan on doing a special in-person invite-only shopping event?
MC: We are based in Marin and we have done a couple of warehouse sales.  We plan on doing other special in-person invite-only shopping events.

HL: Which designers do you think are worth investing in?
MC: Anything Chanel; and Hermes and Vuitton handbags

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*Yes, the beluga ban was partially lifted in 2007, but under CITES, the amount allowed for export from the the Black/Caspian Sea is only 15% of the original amount so god speed getting it legally.