Real World: Batman

Why deny your childhood fantasies when others are working so hard to make them materialize? Let us explain: a real life ‘Batmobile’ is finally available on the market.  Ok, it does not fly, swim, or shoot—but it looks a whole lot like the real deal, is super fast and will certainly serve as a claim to cool.

The brand new Weismann MF5 Black Bat will not only make you feel like the coolest superhero of all time, but it is also a beautifully crafted luxury automobile.  It boasts a state-of-the-art V10-powered MF5 retro roadster engulfed in matte black armor, black chrome, and exclusive noir BBS 20-inch alloys.  We can’t help but editorialize: the coolest feature?  Its rocks the Batman logo at the rear.

Source: Luxury Launches