Queen Approves Plans to Rent St James’s Palace During Olympics

The Queen personally approved plans to rent out a Royal palace to corporations for up to £30,000 a day during the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  Deviating from almost 500 years of protocol, St James’s Palace’s most lavish apartments are available to serve as temporary digs for private firms during the Games.

Businessmen will get to live like kings, literally, as the Palace’s Throne Room, its Tapestry Room, and the Queen Anne Room will be made available for the renters’ haute parties during the Olympics.  These lucky dwellers will also be treated to an exclusive tour of the Palace.  The Royal offers don’t stop there; Leeds Castle is also available for £1 million during the Olympics.

The Palace’s heritage is an obvious draw for the lucky guests, but its location will also prove to be optimal throughout the games.  Events like Beach Volleyball and the marathon will incorporate royal properties.

Source: Daily Mail

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