Day in The Life of Darren Dzienciol: King of the Night

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Darren Dzienciol has long been a fixture in the realms of art, fashion and nightlife. The creative entrepreneur, whose career began at the age of 14, continues to remain at the forefront of the nightlife scene, bringing a fresh, new perspective to the industry with his out-of-the box ideas.

In 2008, Dzienciol realized his calling in life, partnering with hospitality mogul Guy Starkman to re-open the legendary nightclub Guy’s in West Hollywood. Since then, Dzienciol has worked on various projects, most recently creating the concept behind LA’s top celebrity hang outs, The Beverly and Trousdale Lounge – which he co-owns with Starkman.

Always looking for a new venture to add to the mix, Dzienciol will add restaurateur to his resume as he opens Sherbourne in West Hollywood. The nightlife impresario gave Haute Living a glimpse inside his not so typical day-to-night life.

6 AM

Get a head start on programming our two weekly nights at Trousdale and The Beverly, booking DJs via my East Coast management teams, 4am and DGI, live performances and birthdays. Also write emails, still up from the night before. If it’s a Sunday, then I start the day with a ride on my Chopper or a splash in my pool.

12 PM

Phone calls and reservation requests pour in. I deal with roughly 100-plus emails by afternoon.

1 PM

Meeting with my publicists at SHADOW PR to discuss weekly press and celebrity activities.

2 PM

Lunch at Sushi Nozawa or E. Baldi for a meeting with my partners; otherwise, off with Marielou for a quick Chinese chicken salad fix at Chin Chin or Joan’s on 3rd. If Sunday, lunch at Taverna Tony in Malibu.

3 PM

A little shopping to clear my head–H. Lorenzo, Maxfields and Barneys are my go-to shops.

4 PM

Head back to the office, where I have a calendar that takes up an entire 10-foot by 10-foot wall. It gives me a clear and easy view of the dates we’re open and what my team and I can fill those dates in with – whether it be a movie premiere party, an official awards after party, magazine launch, a celebrity host, a well-known DJ or various other events we go after in order to continue reinventing our brands on a weekly basis.

5 PM

Motivational speech with my promotional teams, letting them know what we have going on for the week, who to reach out to and what happenings are around town.

6 PM

Private gym, The Bunker by Adam Ernster to run a few miles, train and steam.

9 PM

If I have the night off, then dinner at Dan Tana’s and a movie at The Grove.

10 PM

If it’s a night that we are open, you’ll find me at Boa or my new restaurant, Sherbourne, hosting dinner with clients.

12 AM

I’m at the door of my club and can usually get a glimpse of how the night will turn out by seeing what’s outside. Running inside every so often to direct the mood, which can be anything from lighting to guiding the DJ to other secrets I can’t share that get the crowd riled up. I go around table-to-table greeting everyone, checking sales and head to the kitchen to find some fun and motivating ideas for my waitresses to up-sell.

2 AM

Lights up and head home.