In-N-Out National Delivery Deal for $56

Midtown Row is offering a special deal on California’s In-N-Out Burger – for $56 the company will deliver two frozen double-double burgers.

Midtown Row is a website dedicated to getting the best food from around the world to your doorstep. Helping foodies get their hands on amazing products, Midtown Row says that if you want to try the coffee Mark Zuckerberg drinks every day or the favorite tea of some of the world’s biggest CEOs and celebrities, they can deliver it. Now, Midtown Row is answering the call of individuals who can’t get enough of In-N-Out Burger by offering a $56 deal on two frozen double-double burgers.

Many people love the animal-style burgers from In-N-Out, however, the popular food chain is only available in a few markets outside its native California, and none are east of the Mississippi. Burger-loving Los Angeles transplants often find themselves craving the juicy treats, so now for $56 they can satisfy those cravings.

For $56 the company will deliver the burgers anywhere in the country. While customers get two frozen In-N-Out double-double burgers (either regular or animal-style), but the company notes there is no guarantee of freshness. Midtown Row warns, “We will ship with proper refrigeration via overnight mail, but reheat and consume at your own risk.”

Source: Huffington Post