‘Important Watches’ Sale to Feature Rare Timepieces

Source: InterCollector

Chrstie’s Hong Kong will hold a sale of ‘Important Watches’ on Nov. 30, offering over 550 rare watches.  The collection is valued at an excess of $11 million and features both vintage and modern timepieces from the 1940s through present day.

The sale will feature high jewelry watches, Chinese market enamels, pocket watches, and some very unusual-form watches.  One such unique piece is a beautifully decorated pistol combined with a watch and perfume spritzer.  Another interesting piece is a rare and previously undocumented enamel and diamond-set ring timepiece with its original box, circa 1810.  Ring watches first appeared in the 16th century and are of great interest for collectors because of the complexities of making a tiny enough and perfectly functioning movement.  The present ring watch features incredible complications–including a quarter-repeating mechanism combined with two automatons.

Source: Luxury-Insider