Why not have some fun with jackets and put a smile on a cold winter day?

After talking at length about suits, I would like to shift the focus onto jackets for the new season.

I feel and I see more and more people enjoying wearing jackets. It is nice to be out in a two-piece selection instead of the classic suit, and if correctly dressed up with a tie, it is unsurpassed elegance for casual Friday attire.


The first jacket is a light velvet and cashmere fabric by Zegna in a deep green color. It’s the perfect jacket for elegant nights out, but also pleasantly wearable with less formal attire. Of course, it’s also perfect with jeans.

Let’s stay with Zegna for an amazing corduroy and cashmere jacket. Sporty yet sophisticated, this jacket goes great with grey pants, grey jeans or even with off-white winter cotton pants and a high neck cashmere sweater.

A blazer can also be a beautiful jacket, like this one in grey over-check with purple lines. Wear it with a crisp white shirt and charcoal grey flannel pants, with or without a tie. The blazer is a sharp and formal alternative to a suit.

The last two proposals are definitely funky and very unique. The first is dark brown on big blue windowpane and the second is a lighter multicolored check fabric that reminds me of foliage colors. These colors can be dressed down easily, even with funkier corduroy pants. Why not have some fun with jackets and put a smile on a cold winter day?

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