Comlux Unveils Airbus A320 Prestige

Charter company Comlux just unveiled it’s latest custom-fitted luxury jet: an Airbus A320 Prestige outfitted with top-quality, exclusive materials throughout.

Suitable for up to 19 passengers, Zurich-based Comlux used only the finest materials to create and design the A320 Prestige. With a natural color palette that echoes the sand and sky of the desert, the Prestige features a main room with a VIP lounge that has L-shaped divan two club seats and a large dining table for 6 guests.

The plane is equipped with the latest technologies like GSM, touch screens, mood-lighting, Wi-Fi internet access and iPod/iPhone.

For privacy, the plane also has a compartment that offers either a cozy lounge for the day or a large double bed for the evening. There is also a dedicated bathroom that has a shower.

While there is plenty of room for members of a VIP’s traveling entourage in the cabin, the A320 Prestige also has a large cargo belly that allows for transportation of large amounts of luggage.

Source: Luxuo