Renato Nicolodi: Libido Moriendi to be shown at Highlight Gallery Nov 4-Dec 12

Starting November 4 through December 12, 2011, Highlight Gallery presents Libido Moriendi, Belgian artist Renato Nicolodi’s first solo exhibition in the United States.   The architectural prints and sculptures in this body of work detail Nicolodi’s formal investigation of that which is at once familiar and foreign.  His clean lines and monosyllabic tone across the smooth surfaces evoke not only a eerie sense of depth but like the rabbit hole, create a tunnel for one to tumble into the act of conception and questions of perception.

Libido Moriendi is a Latin phrase that means the noble “death wish” of the Stoic philosophers and the Freudian counterpart to the libido, the “death drive.”  In Nicolodi’s architectonic sculptures, libido moriendi is not explicit, but intertwined with another Freudian concept, Das Unheimliche, or the uncanny.  The vaguely archetypal monoliths created with cement and wood, register as familiar structures, but also resonate with the underlying and unconscious mechanisms of cognition: a dissonance from which the uncanny is born. Formally, these sculptures bridge classical architecture and the high modernism of Le Corbusier, via the neoclassical architecture of Étienne-Louis Boullée and Claude Nicolas Ledoux.

The titles of some of Nicolodi’s sculptures (Porticus, Tombeau, Personal Museum) all suggest a typological category the work may be considered within, but these terms are just as shadowy and ambiguous as the sculptures themselves. Others (Momento Mori, Omnes eodem cogimur) directly address “the same end” toward which we all must head. It is the dark recesses within the bold forms of Nicolodi’s sculptures that encompass the inescapable presence of death wherever there is life. Yet these dark spaces are physically inaccessible by the viewer and herein lies the impact of Nicolodi’s work: “The spectator cannot physically enter the dark space, so he is invited to approach this space mentally.” We are asked to consider if these dark spaces, the realm of the uncanny and libido moriendi, aren’t somehow always present in our interactions with the phenomenal world.

Opening Night Fete on November 4th 2011 from 6PM-9PM
Highlight Gallery
3043 Clay Street
San Francisco, CA 94115