Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Sale: Estimated to Fetch $75 million

A single pair of diamonds could fetch $18 million at Christie’s Jewels sale, while in total, the auction is expected to bring in around $75 million.

The spectacular Jewels sale takes place each year and auctions off some of the world’s most expensive jewelry. Christie’s Hong Kong will be organizing the event on November 29 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center.

Featuring stunning diamonds, rare jadeite and precious gems, the Jewels Sale will include a pair of two round D flawless diamonds weighing 35.77 and 35.61 carats each. The diamonds are as big as cherry tomatoes and have certifications of Triple Excellent rating their polish, evenness and cut grade. It is expected that these diamonds will sell for around $18 million. They are the most chemically pure form of diamond and were especially cut by the Steinmetz Diamond Group.

Auctioneers at Christie’s said, “To find large pieces of colorless rough with in the same timeframe represents an extremely rare occurrence. To combine that with the vision to obtain a closely matched pair raises the project to new heights. This pair was exhibited by Steinmetz at the Guggenheim in New York in December 2010.”

In addition to these diamonds, Jewels by Harry Winston will be available at the auction including a stunning emerald brooch, which was originally purchased by a Texas oil-man and personal client to Mr. Winston who bought it for his wife. The brooch is expected to auction for between $2-3 million.

Every Christie’s magnificent Jewels sale has a stunning jadeite. This year, there will be a jadeite pendant necklace featuring a carved jadeite plaque. It is expected to sell for between $2-3 million as well.

Source: Born Rich