Brikk Design Trimm Launches Gold and Platinum Accessories For New iPhone5

Just in time for the launch of the new iPhone5, Brikk Designs is offering its new limited edition Trim pure titanium case. The Trim is available in gold, platinum, black DLC and gray stealth finishes, ranging grom $3500-$4500. The Trim will be debuting in Los Angeles, however, additional product rollout in New York, Paris, London and Tokyo will follow.

The new iPhone5 will be unveiled in Cupertino, California today by CEO Tim Cook. The iPhone5 is expected to include wireless device set up, content syncing and the new app iMessage, which will allow users to send texts to otehr users over wifi. The new app Newstand will corral all newspaper and magazine app subscriptions into a single area and iCloud provides wireless access for music, apps and all other documents.

Source: News Junky Journal