The Launch of the World’s First Ever Cask-Strength Tequila – DeLeón Tequila Extra Anejo

Last week I attended the fabulous Global Party at the Core Club. I mentioned one of the highlights of my night was discovering DeLeón Tequila. I firmly believe the three shots of DeLeón Tequila was instrumental in my huge winnings in the simulated casino on the fourth floor . Can you imagine my excitement and delight to get an invite, this past Thursday 22 nd to the launch of  DeLeón Tequila Extra Anejo ( The Deleon 51). Hosted by DeLeón Tequila and Founder/CEO Brent Hocking, an exclusive  tasting of the DeLeón luxury portfolio along with a bespoke pairing dinner at Valbella.

The first of its kind, the DeLeón Extra Añejo is the only Tequila in the world to present a cask-strength 102-proof tequila. Rivaling the finest of world-class scotches, this is not a tequila for everyone. Only the very select. And the very selective. For those who know better… it is known as the DeLeón 51.

Discover more from DeLeón Tequila at: DeLeon Tequila .

All dolled up and Meat-Packing bound with my partner in crime , my fabulous friend Tamara, we were naive to what the night would end up being. Pure extravagance. We walked into the beautiful Valbella and  were directed straight to the bar for cocktails. I was fixated with how sexy, edgy and luxe DeLeón distinctive bottle and stunning metal top is. It’s iconic metal top, the master for which was hand-carved from a one-pound ball of sterling silver by famed rock ‘n roll jewelry designer Bill Wall.

After the smoothest ( I will be saying this word a lot to describe DeLeón Tequila)  margarita ever , made with DeLeón of course, we  were then escorted up this sweeping spiral staircase to the spectacular Chef’s Room for the pairing dinner with DeLeón Tequila. Gorgeous table setting, it was luxury all the way for CEO Brent Hocking. He spared nothing for his guests, and you can see how he takes so much pride in introducing to us his passion and dedication to creating as he informed us ” DeLeón the purest expression of agave botanicals in the world”. I know for me drinking tequila is an acquired taste, even the best of them , the burn, the harshness. DeLeón has none of these qualities, it is a pure smooth, rich taste .

The first course, a grilled shellfish platter and second course, a trenette pasta with white truffles were paired with a DeLeón Diamante (  sipping silver tequila is unheard of, with DeLeón, it has become the benchmark. It is recommend the Diamante’s smooth taste be savored neat, on the rocks, or as the perfect base for the highest quality cocktails).

The third course a delicious bone-in filet mignon with DeLeón Tequila sauce was paired with a DeLeón Resposada ( In a class by itself, DeLeón’s beautiful honey amber Reposado should be sipped neat, or savored as the crowning ingredient in an ultra-premium cocktail).

Dessert a decadent Valbella Napoleon, paired with a DeLeón Anejo (The DeLeón Añejo is the embodiment of refined taste.The first in the world to be aged in Premiere Cru Sauternes barrels from the most revered wine makers of our time. With notes of butterscotch, mild wood and black cherry it is stunningly round and velvet-smooth).

The Finale was of course, what we were all there to celebrate The DeLeón Extra Anejo . The first in the world to present a cask-strength 102 proof tequila. Aged 51 months, it is known as the DeLeón 51. The ultimate expression of purity.

CEO Brent Hocking spoke passionately about how he prides himself on how pure DeLeón Tequila is…”That there is no competitor”. He suggested that one can drink his DeLeón Tequila all night and still wake up in the morning and hit the gym. Well Mr Hocking, I would like to say to you, I did just that. A fabulous night of drinking what is to me the best tequila I have ever had. I could not believe when my alarm clock went off 5.30 am… like clockwork, I was up and gym bound with all the energy and gusto Friday morning. I am SOLD !!!.

I had such a fabulous night thanks to the DeLeón family. I hope you enjoy my photo-diary, I had so much fun taking these pictures.I leave with these parting words as mentioned in the DeLeón Tequila 2011 campaign.

“I Don’t drink Tequila I drink DeLeón”

All cocktails were prepared by master mixologist Aisha Sharpe and Willy Shine.

Naima Sanowar  also writes for her own Blog The Adventurista