Inside Cathay Pacific’s New Boeing 777 Business Class

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, enjoying a comfortable flight is always key to getting your trip off to a good. Cathay Pacific Airways recently ordered eight 777 Freighters from Boeing and four 777-300ER to bring travelers from the U.S. to Asia and they have redesigned the business-class cabins for maximum comfort.

Business travel is increasing with more companies creating office space in profitable international cities like Hong Kong, Beijing and Sydney and with this influx in travelers comes the need to provide passengers with comfortable travel space during flight. In addition to Cathay Pacific’s improvements, American Airlines recently announced its plans to improve its first class cabin by providing quilted bed toppers, slippers and pajamas along with high-end toiletries in the onboard lavatories.

For business men and women who may be faced with a time crunch that forces them to head straight to the boardroom or office after getting off a long-haul flight, being comfortable onboard is key. If you’re willing and able to pay the price for business or first-class cabins, there certainly are some tempting offers.

Cathay Pacific’s new Boeing 777 business class features wing-back chairs that cocoon passengers in their own private area, without completely surrounding them. This allows significant privacy with the option to speak to travel companions at the same time by sliding open a wall. The seats are adjustable and move from sitting upright to lying completely flat and feature a leg rest that changes position for recliner-chair-like comfort.

The in-flight entertainment in the redesigned business class on Cathay Pacific is top-notch. There are around 100 free movies to watch, which “range from new releases like “The Hangover 2” and “Paul” to old favorites like “Dirty Dozen” and “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. If you have kids traveling with you, they also have access to a kids library of movies including Disney and Pixar favorites.  There is also video games and a full music library that allows you to make your own “in-flight playlist”.

For luggage storage, the new business class comes with personalized storage units, including a shoe locker, a side storage locker and an additional storage locker on the bottom of the seat. Under the foot rest you’ll find a down duvet cover and a pillow.

If you need to do some work during the flight, the business class features an iPhone/iPod connector and a USB port for Blackberry devices.

Cathay Pacific currently operates direct flights from New York to Hong Kong so if you need to get to the other side of the world and be comfortable and settled before your next day meeting, their business cabin may be perfect for you.