Haute Yachts: Over-sized Luxury Yachts Still a Hot Commodity For Wealthy

If you love super yachts that are filled with top-of-the-line amenities and lavish interiors, you’re not alone. Huge yachts are still incredibly popular among those that can afford them and despite a challenging economy many yacht owners agree that when it comes to yachts, the bigger the better.High-quality materials, Zen interiors, jet skis, helipads, multiple guest rooms and even swimming pools are common essentials found on some of the world’s largest yachts. Haute Living takes a look at seven of the most impressive yachts around the world.

Eclipse: Owned by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, this yacht is 536 feet long, making it the largest private yacht in the world. The Eclipse features two swimming pools, 24 guest rooms and a home theater. Reports vary when it comes to the actual price Abramovich paid, ranging from $590 million to $1.2 billion.

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    Senses: Google founder Larry Page owns this 193-foot yacht. He reportedly paid $45 million for the yacht earlier this year. The yacht features a Jacuzzi, helicopter pad and interiors planned by designer Philippe Starck.

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    Mirabella V: While it’s not the largest yacht out there, it is reportedly the tallest standing 290 feet in height. Former Avis chairman Joe Vittoria owns this yacht, but it is currently on the market for around $43 million.

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    Dilbar: Reportedly named after Russian energy tycoon Alisher Usmanov’s mother, this 360-foot long yacht has a helipad and enough room for 20 passengers and 47 crew members.

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    Necker Belle: Owned by Richard Branson, this 105-foot yacht functions as a catamaran. Weekly rental fees for Necker Belle run around $88,000.

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    Rising Sun: In 2004, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison purchased this 26,000-square-foot yacht for $200 million. In 2010, producer David Geffen bought it after co-owning with Ellison for a while.

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    Octopus: Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen owns this 414-foot-long yacht, which is equipped with a pool, helicopter pad and two submarines. R&B singer Usher gave a live performance for Allen in 2005 during a New Year’s Eve party. The yacht reportedly cost him upward of $200 million.

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    Source: Mogulite

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