Haute Auto: Mercedes Benz’s Most Exclusive Customizations

Some people enjoy the simple comforts of luxury vehicles while others do everything they can to customize and individualize their cars to stand out in a crowd. Here are five of Mercedes Benz’s most exotic versions of their luxury vehicles.

Mercedes Benz creates limited and exclusive editions of their luxury vehicles for elite customers. Here is just a sample of what the German carmaker is capable of.

1) 1937 Mercedes 540K

Few cars come close to this particular model of Mercedes Benz, which combines class and exclusivity. Only 406 of these cars were ever produced and there are only 3 functions pieces remaining. The car was first put into production in 1936 and had an 8-cylinder engine that could give out 180 JP of displacement and a top speed of 160 km/ph. The car has changed hands with well-known owners around the world, including Bernie Ecclestone who purchased the vehicle for $8.25 million in 2007. The 1937 Mercedes 540K is currently the most expensive Mercedes to be sold at auction. [Pic: BenzInsider]

2) Maybach Edition 125

While celebrating its 125th anniversary, Mercedes introduced a special series of its flagship car, the Maybach, which featured exclusive detailing of Swarovski crystals on the interiors. In addition, the car was made with a LED lighted and laser engraved logo of Maybach on the back center armrest and a Wilhelm Maybach signature stitched on the opening switch of the glove compartment. Upholstery was black leather with silver colored linings and featured carbon trimmings in numerous places. Outside, the car featured a Tahiti black and Patagonia silver paint job with a special front bumper, LED running lights, redesigned front grille and 19-inch wheels. Though the masterpiece never went on sale, wealthy customers could have these same customizations done on order. [Pic: MotoWard]

3) Mercedes G55 AMG

This car is truly a one-of-a-kind. Produced as an escorting vehicle for the royal family of Abu Dhabi, the engine of this custom SUV was a 5.5 liter V8 capable of delivering 620 HP of displacement and had 22-inch alloy rims. The body featured a number of components in carbon fiver along with 8 fog lamps to maintain visibility dyring the night time near the dessert. Inside, upholstery was done in cinnamon colored leather with some fixtures in carbon fiber. [Pic: DragTimes]

4) Mercedes Benz C63 AMG gold plated

While the owner of this lavish vehicle has remained anonymous to avoid publicity, all that is known is that it belongs to someone extremely wealthy from the Gulf region. In addition to the gold plating, there are also numerous embellishments with precious gemstones that add even more exclusivity to the vehicle. [Pic: FunkMasterFlex]

5) Mercedes Benz diamond covered SL

While some people buy cars to get from point A to point B, the owner of this incredible Mercedes SL is probably prone to taking the long route to show off his ride. An unknown individual had his white convertible Mercedes Benz SL embellished with diamonds and in addition to other lavish customizations, there are finished alloy wheels. [Pic: TrendHunter]

Source: Born Rich