Haute 100 Update: Gloria Estefan to Host Special Latin Music Series for BBC Radio 2

Latin music icon Gloria Estefan is currently working on a special seven-part series for BBC Radio 2. The show will delve into Latin music history, exploring its, intricacies,story, and roots. The programs are all being recorded at Estefan’s studio in Miami and will feature interviews with other big names in Latin music.

Through the series, the Cuban-American superstar hopes to engage both experienced Latin music fans as well as those will little to no knowledge about the genre. She will explore and discuss the components that make Latin music so vibrant as well as share her personal passion and personal experiences.

The first part of the special series is slated to air November 3 and will air on BBC Radio 2 every Thursday night for its duration. The series is being produced by Folded Wing, the recent winner of the Indie of the Year award.

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