Gilan’s Colours of Emotion

Gilan’s latest collection celebrates the vibrant passion and history of the legendary city of Istanbul.  Embedded with numerous colorful gemstones, Colours of Emotion is a journey through the many colorful landscapes that define the centuries- old city. The collection is inspired by four unique stories: The Sunset, The Tulip, The Night and The Dance.

The fiery sunsets along the Bosphorus have been a source of inspiration for many artists for their breathtaking beauty and blazing colors. The Sunset features a combination of warm metals and bright stones which  invokes the boldness of these the city’s sunsets. Mandarin garnets are set alongside pink tourmalines and rose-cut diamonds to symbolize the fading sunlight. Amorph shape opals dip into yellow gold, their elevated setting reflecting the image of a setting sun.

Honored as Istanbul’s National Flower, the tulip is one of the most important symbols of Istanbul culture. Planted each year to celebrate the coming of Spring, and revered by the traditional Ottoman Court, the tulip represents love and rebirth, grandeur and nobility. The Tulip is composed of delicate necklaces blanket the collarbone, the rows of diamonds, pink tourmaline and rubellite reminiscent of the rows of tulips lining the gardens of Istanbul’s great palaces. Amorph shape rose-cut purple sapphires are set in warm, rose gold, recalling the sensory awakening of Spring, and the blooming flowers.

Dance has long been an integral part of Turkish history, a line of continuance in a chronology often interrupted by conquest and resurgence. The Dance features rings of spiraling tourmaline and tanzanite, meant to invoke the color and flourish of traditional costume. Cabochon-cut sapphires are framed in elegant curves of diamond, dancing happily across the finger.

A cultural city by day, Istanbul emotes mystery and sensuality by night. The Nigth is composed of cascades of twilight blue sapphires and turquoise colored paraibas represent the changing palette of the Bosphorus, as the sun sinks lower and lower on its horizons. Glimmers of diamond reflect the soft peaks of waves, shimmering in the moonlight and adding a touch of hope to an otherwise mysterious mood. Delicate seagulls, with pave wings and turquoise colored beaks, sit atop these diamonds, keeping the moonlight company along the harbor.