Facebook Attracts Top Silicon Valley Talent

If you had any qualms about the power of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, there are new reports indicating that Facebook is not only the king of social media, but it is also attracting a significant portion of the top talent in Silicon Valley.

Some people debate about what is the definitive hot spot to work in Silicon Valley – Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, LinkedIn – however new reports are indicating that overall, there’s not really much competition, Facebook is stealing the show by far.

Top Prospect looked at employment patterns in the biggest Silicon Valley companies and learned that right now the currents are pushing much of the area’s talent towards Facebook.

While the data is a little confusing, basically it found that for every 3.6 people who left Yahoo for Micorsoft, only one person left Microsoft for Yahoo. Arrows in the below diagram point in the direction of the “winning” company and as you can see, many arrows and high ratios are pointing towards Facebook.

The top companies included Google, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Apple, which is probably not surprising considering they are the biggest and most innovative companies. They all also constantly develop new products that require new hires.

While Microsoft and Google recently lost a lot of employees, they were able to replace them. Yahoo, eBay and Amazon, on the other hand, have lost employees at a much higher rate than they hired them.

Source: Mogulite

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