LeBron James And Carmelo Anthony Spotted in New York

NBA superstars LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony took their leading ladies out for a double date over the weekend in New York. Read on to see whose birthday they were celebrating and what LeBron thinks about the NBA lockout.

Celebrity news site, TMZ, obtained video of Miami Heat superstar LeBron James leaving a restaurant in New York with his girlfriend Savannah and fellow NBA player Carmelo Anthony and his wife. The couples were out celebrating Savannah’s 25th birthday and were all smiles as they left the Waverly Inn.

While the couples said their goodbyes outside the restaurant, a cameraman asked what many are wondering, “Do you guys think you’re going to be playing basketball this season?” James’ response was a short and simple, “We hope.”

LeBron is currently in the middle of a 6-year $110 million contract and Anthony recently signed with the Knicks with a $65 million 3-year contract.

Source and photo: TMZ