Haute 100 Update: Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum Opens in his Childhood Austria Home

Haute 100 Los Angeles member Arnold Schwarzenegger has been honored in many ways but, most recently, it is through his childhood home in Austria that he is being celebrated. The icon’s home, in which he was born, in the village of Thal opened its doors on Saturday, July 30 as a museum housing several pieces indicative of every aspect of Schwarzenegger’s 64 year life thus far.

The range of exhibits travel through Schwarzenegger’s acting career, time as Mr. Universe, and his life in politics with over 1,000 mementos and exclusive pieces such as his childhood bed, several life-sized figures depicting his various roles, his first set of weights from his bodybuilding days, a replica Syrian Oak desk from his governor’s office, and more. Additionally, monitors throughout the rooms loop trailers from Schwarzenegger’s expansive  film portfolio.

Regardless of your current take on the Governator, one has to respect the humble beginnings from which one of our most notable names rose. The village of Thal is extremely proud of their star native, and the museum is one heck of a way of showing it!

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