Ferrari Designer Creates Exclusive Wine Bottles

Legendary Ferrari designer, Sergio Scaglietti, has designed several wine bottles for his friends at a local wine company in Modena, Italy.

Moden, Italy, is known for Ferraris and Lambrusco wine so it was only a matter of time before the two met in the middle and produced something exclusive together. Sergio Scaglietti is the designer of the luxury super cars and he designed several bottles for his friends at the local wine company.

Scaglietti, 91, is known for his amazing design work on models such as the current 612 Ferrari Scaglietti, the 1954 375 MM (commissioned by Robert Rosellini for Ingrid Bergman), the 1957 250 California Spider and the 1962 250 GTO.

Lambrusco wine, which is produced by Donelli, is often served at Ferrari dinners. Donelli has produced a photography book with Franzo Gozzi about Scalietti and his legendary design career.

Source and photo: Life and Times