Dori’s World: Ibiza And Sardinia

Ibiza! I love it there and I have not been in at least ten years. It’s good to be back!

My first night I stayed at the Gran Hotel then moved into a villa. It’s funny how modern Ibiza is now!

Everyone was there – Tamara Beckwith, Ronnie Madras, Giuseppe Cipriani, Mark and Eugene Birnbaum. And of course that night we went to an event at Amnesia for Nicholas Berggruen’s birthday party.

The next night, myself along with Rich Akiva and Ronnie Madras went to an even at 1 OAK then to the new place LIO and the next night at Pacha.

Most days we took the boat to lunch at Formentera. We also stopped by at the Blue Marlin, and La Caleta for some yummy seafood. Joining me were Carolina Parsons, Eddie Winston Churchill, Noah Tepperberg, Jason Strauss, Wayne Boich , Nicky Hilton, Rico Mansur, Andrea Dibelius, Rodrigo de Santiago, Miguel Fabregas, and Denise Kaufman.

But the best part of Ibiza is the great music! I will be back more often.

Then I jetted off to Sardinia with Henrique Pinto, the famous Brazilian. He chartered a yacht for 40 of his friends for three days making stops in St. Tropez and Corsica. I was one of the lucky guests invited to sail with him! On board there was a masseuse, gym, movie theater, fabulous lunches and dinners, and of course, discos and parties.

He was the most generous host and we celebrated his 40th birthday on board the yacht with friends like Sabrina Müller, Ana Paula Junqueira, the most fun Brazilian, Richie Akiva, P. Diddy, and Alicia Silverstone.