Bombardier Presents New Luxurious Business Jet, The Global Express XRS

Bombardier presents an all new luxurious business jet, the Global Express XRS, featuring the integration of the Lufthansa NICE cabin system that was customized for it’s first implementation on a Jet Aviation – Midcoast/Bombardier aircraft.

The Global Express is not only a beauty to look at; it’s also a gem to fly in. The aircraft features a pixelated gradient paint scheme composed of thousands of small grey dots that were meticulously calculated for an avant-garde exterior paint effect that is rarely seen on a large body aircraft. The gradient element is also carried on into the cabin area in the 27 hued, hand-tufted and carved silk and wool carpet.

To create a more spacious cabin feel, horizontal lines were used as a design element and they are repeated from the carpet to the seating upholstery to the veneered timber applications. The veneer is a high-gloss stained Mozambique wood species that was specifically handpicked sheet by sheet for optimum depth, grain movement and custom effect.

No detail is left unperfected in the Global XRS, including the mother of pearl tiled bulkhead in the principal lavatory. There is also a honed granite counter and a vanity also made from the horizontal grain of the Mozambique wood species.

Source: Industrial Design Served