Haute Eat: Okku

One of the city’s most desirable eateries, Okku is a trendy two-level restaurant featuring an expansive aquarium with iridescent jelly fish, a live DJ, a sumptuous lounge area and some of the most delectable Japanese cuisine in town. The swanky dark interior is split in two by a fiber optic style wall acting as both a divider as well as a creative lighting source. My guest and I made our way within this dimly-lit abode to sample some of Okku’s culinary creations.

We began our meal with starters of Edamame; “O”-Style Hamachi Carpaccio made of Yellow Tail sashimi with yuzu pepper and balsamic ponzu and Spicy Tuna on crispy rice. The Yellow Tail was an immediate favorite for its fresh organic taste while the Spicy Tuna successfully mixed a crunchy texture with the soft and delicate nature of minced tuna.

While we eat these first few dishes, we noticed how the candles set at the center of each table created a warm and intimate atmosphere. In addition,  the catchy background lounge music set the scene for a contemporary and young vibe. Happily immersed in such a visually stimulating ambiance, we proceeded to our sushi dishes of California Maki Roll made with house crab mix, cucumber and mayonnaise and the zesty Dragon Maki Roll of Unagi, cucumber and avocado.

For our “large plates” we chose a Yuzu-Saikyo Miso Black Cod. Certainly one of the best black cods in town, Okku’s interpretation is crisp on the outside and moist on the inside with a lemon variation of the traditional miso sauce. The Koro Koro Steak of grilled sansho-pepper ribeye steak with shishito and red chili peppers, beetroot, coriander n spicy-sesame soy sauce featured a great mix of hot and sizzling ingredients while the Toromi Chicken was nicely presented yet a bit too chewy on the chicken. The Black Cod was the ultimate favorite.

We rounded off our meal with a dainty Apple Harumaki with vanilla anglaise. Sweetly soothing, this dessert was the perfect blend between an innovative modern dish and the heart warming nature of a home-made treat.

Excellent service, dazzling surroundings, and superb Japanese cuisine, Okku is becoming a Dubai institution for all the right reasons.

The Monarch Hotel

04 501 8777