Haute 100 Update: Steven Spielberg Reveals Plans for Jurassic Park 4 at Comic-Con

It’s a huge day for film! Haute 100 Los Angeles member and filmmaker extraordinaire Steven Spielberg revealed on Friday, July 22, his plans to revive the beloved Jurassic Park films, saying he currently already has a story and a screenwriter for Jurassic Park 4. The director made his announcement at Comic-Con, much as Haute 100 San Francisco member Francis Ford Coppola did just the other day with his film, Twixt.

The Jurassic Park franchise of films was greatly received, with the third installment, Jurassic Park III, raking in $368 million alone. The franchise will get a “re-boot”, much as Spielberg more recently did with his release of a fourth Indiana Jones film. At Comic-Con, Spielberg announced that Jurassic Park 4 “will hopefully come together in the next two or three years.”

But he’s not stopping there! With the success of 3D films and the ever-growing prevalence of 3D technology in peoples’ homes, Spielberg has also been entertaining the possibility of converting some of his classic films to 3D, like Jaws and Jurassic Park, adding a little extra oomph to his revival of classics.

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