Conquest Vehicles Announces New Pricing, New Upgrade Packages and a New Size for the 2012 KNIGHT XV

Conquest Vehicles Inc, the Toronto-based company that produces the handcrafted, fully armored luxury KNIGHT XV has announced new pricing for its 2012 model. The price is $629,000 USD.

According to William Maizlin, President of Conquest Vehicles, “The 2012 KNIGHT XV pricing includes what used to be selective upgrade options, which now have been incorporated into the base model as standard features. As well, all new models from 2012 forward will be built even bigger then its predecessor.”

The 2012 KNIGHT XV standard features now include a newly redesigned interior and cockpit, front and rear commercial grade air ride suspension, front power windows, and 360-degree roof mounted, joystick-controlled searchlights. The new 2012 KNIGHT XV will be wider and longer maintaining the same vehicle footprint with more interior space and will also feature new design cues such as a flip front end, new hood, grille, headlights and taillights.

Conquest Vehicles has also streamlined its selective upgrade option packages for the 2012 KNIGHT XV.  Aligning with the motivations of KNIGHT XV buyers, the menu is now comprised solely of a Luxury Group, Security Group and a slick list of Stand Alone Upgrades.

The Luxury Group upgrade package includes electrostatic tinting (rear windows, sunroofs, partition), rear power windows, retractable ballistic glass partition, retractable flat screen television, siren, 2-way PA system with loud speaker, hidden front VIP strobes lights, forward and backup sensors and an external intercom communication system and Playstation3 or X-Box entertainment system, a VIP package inclusion of decanter bar, cooler box, and a cigar humidor.

The Security Group upgrade package includes under vehicle explosive protection system, opaque floor armor protection upgraded, under vehicle magnetic attachment detector, Black box, security safe, fire extinguisher, exterior surveillance camera system, positive pressure defense system against gas attacks, oxygen survival kit which offers protection against tear (CN/CS) as well as solid, liquid and gases contaminants.

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