Where the Beautiful People Go: Summer in the French Riviera

The Riviera is a place that conjures up dreamy pictures of sun-drenched beaches and crystalline blue waters with scantily clad jetsetters downing glasses of rosé and planning rigorous afternoon activities like where to lunch and what to wear to go there. Truth be told, for Saint-Tropez, that’s not too far from the truth.

Saint-Tropez is indeed a place like no other. Located in the heart of the French Riviera, it is the crème de la crème of getaways along this stretch of the world known as the Cote d’Azur—or Azure Coast, so named because of its perfectly blue waters that have attracted vacationers from around the world since there were vessels that could take them there. A sleepy fishing port until the boom over the last 60 years, the village of Saint-Tropez is only a 41-mile drive from Nice International Airport and is within driving distance of equally luscious coastal towns like Cannes, Antibes and Grasse. Here you will find sensuality in abundance and the ultimate in European sophistication.

Getting to Saint-Tropez (or “St. Trop”, as those who frequent the town call it) is easy; how to dress and accessorize while there is another story entirely. La Ligne Latécoère is an elegant first step in the right direction. The line of luggage, jackets, and accessories has its roots, and inspiration, in the vision of Pierre-Georges Latécoère and his dreams for transcontinental air travel. Originally created in the 1920s as an airline linking Senegal, Spain and Morocco through Toulouse, La Ligne Latécoère captures the adventure, the romance, the style and the timelessness of the early Twentieth Century.

Once you’ve arrived, check in to one of the best hotels in the world – the Hotel Villa Belrose (La Grande Bastide, Boulevard des Crêtes, Saint-Tropez, 04 94 55 97 97.) Here, the sunsets are unforgettable as are the moments with friends while watching them. Situated in 7,000 square meters of luscious trees and landscaped gardens on the hills of Gassin and just five minutes from downtown Saint-Tropez, this gorgeous hotel is built in the style of a Florentine Villa, a perfect setting for a perfect stay. Facets of a five-star stay are found here too, such as a first-class beauty center, Michelin-starred restaurant and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean from the magnificent terrace.