Living La Vivre Loca: Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti

 “It’s go-go-go once I’m in the office.”

Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti is the visionary behind Vivre, the first editorially-rich catalogue-magazine that reaches more than two million customers a year. She’s also the creator of, Vivre Signature Collections, V by Eva and boutique and lifestyle concepts for leading hotels. Born and raised in Switzerland and fluent in five languages, Lorenzotti currently resides in Manhattan with her husband and three children. With her unique approach of globally informed style filtered through personal expression and originality, Lorenzetti is more than a entrepreneur, world traveler and fashion pioneer – she’s the epitome of all that is chic.


Three espressos, really. Read the New York Times. Another espresso. A liter and a half of water with green tea. My Blackberry. Then, A second, semi-proper breakfast with my kids. Kisses, then everyone races to get out the door. I often try to squeeze in yoga once they’re gone.


More emails. More calls. Get ready to rush out to the office, which often means dealing with my house in five minutes—planning the kids’ dinner—only home cooking.  To get me in the mood, I may blast some old cheesy music like Gloria Gaynor or Shirley Bassey.

10:30AM -12:30PM

Meetings with my staff to go over new products, new partnerships, brainstorming. It’s go-go-go once I’m in the office.


Business lunch out or no time for lunch at all.Espressos and more water. Re-organize my afternoon to squeeze more in or take over-bookings down a notch.


More meetings, usually out of my office, along with a few more espressos.  Afternoons usually see me jetting in and out of the office, back and forth.


Quick scavenge of the office for our intern’s bag of nuts and dried fruit. I really have to invest in my own stash. Then more meetings. By 6 p.m., I’m usually out of the office for some meeting or event.


Back to the office to organize my thoughts, prepare for the next day, and have a look at the following week to be sure all is covered. I hate leaving without having closed the day. I have a 24-hour rule – sometimes it’s madness!  Answer final emails, have a couple more espressos. Then rush to Stations – my workout ritual, 30-minute Power Plate obsession.


Run home. Hang with my kids while they eat and I pick at their food. Help with whatever major homework drama they have. Then to my room to get changed for the night.


Drink meetings—I love meeting for drinks, especially in the summer with people you can relax and be creative with.


Rush to make it to seating time for whatever event or dinner is taking place that night.  Home in bed by 11:30 p.m. and again on my Blackberry. Usually pass out to mindless TV.