Arab Supercar Racers Face Crackdowns By London Police

The Bobbies will be concerned with a handful of automotive grandeur leisurely ripping through the streets of London this summer. At each year’s solstice, a fleet of Sheikh oil tycoons escape their scorching domiciles for repose in the city. Their form of relaxation lies in the speed of their extraordinary sports cars, which they have no difficulty trekking through plush-deluxe neighborhoods, fully equipped with vexed residents ready to defend against the unconcerned racers.

On the list to blame, the royal family of Qatar ranks toward the pinnacle of the guilty. Owning $2 million custom made supercars in that distinguishable turquoise may allow them think they have the right to exceed the speed limit, but the placement of more patrols is just the beginning of the recently budding anti-speeding campaign.

According to the London Evening Standard, officers will perform random checks to any foreign super cars coming into London for the summer by the moneyed Arabs. And because the Qatari Royals just purchased the renowned high-end London department store Harrods, the Brompton Road area neighborhood has become concentrated for concern.

Although their infamous turquoise speeders have put the Qatar name on high watch, a recent discovery of a Ferrari 599 that was videotaped zipping over Sloane Street revealed that the driver was an Iraqi playboy, who scored the vehicle from a Qatar comrade. “Normally it’s the Qataris and billionaires from Saudi and Bahrain who have the best cars, but this guy is proud of his roots and wants people to know there is an Iraqi on the scene now,” a Met spokeswoman told the London Evening Standard.

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