Haute Eat: Wild Ginger Restaurant

Walk through the ultra-hip Iconic boutique in Deira City Center to uncover a fun and stylish Pan-Asian restaurant offering a unique blend of oriental cuisine. A fun brightly lit interior full of oranges, browns, and mint greens transports the guest to a tropical setting. The enticing menu offers a range of delectable dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Japan. A trip to Wild Ginger allowed me to experience firsthand the delights of this cute and innovative Asian eatery.

Upon entrance I spotted a majority of Asian clients which I took as a positive sign. If the natives eat at a restaurant serving their country’s culinary specialties, then surely the place must be good. Attentive and friendly staff brought me a delicious fresh fruit cocktail to sip while I munched on a light and refreshing Vietnamese Chicken Salad. Other appetizers included a tasty Sea Food Soup and Grawpaw Gai, a spicy dish made with stir-fried chicken, basil and chilli. A lover of sushi, I couldn’t resist a taste of California Makki Rolls which proved to be incredibly satiable and daintily arranged. Next on to the main course, I chose one of the highlights on the menu: a mixed seafood stir-fry with garlic sauce from the “sizzling” dishes. Accompaniment by steamed white rice, the dish stuck a nice balance of lightly fried seafood with an adequate amount of garlic sauce.

Satisfied with my choices so far, the meal would nevertheless not be complete without one of Wild Ginger’s unique desserts. I opted for a Mango Cheesecake. Served elegantly with dribbles of chocolate syrup and slices of Mango on the side, this cheesecake was moist and fully of creamy mango flavor.

With easy access next to the Metro Station of Deira City Center and located on the second level of Iconic, Wild Ginger is a fun, convenient and delicious place to stop during your shopping escapade.

Wild Ginger, Deira City Center, 04 295 3511