Harry Winston Teams Up With Denis Giguet to Create Opus 11

Harry Winston keeps us on the edge of our seats every year as they unveil their latest additions to the Harry Winston Opus watch collection. Since inception back in 2000, the Opus collection has always been a limited-edition series created as a joint collaboration between Harry Winston and a solo famous watchmaker. The success of the particular models became so triumphant that Opus continued to perfect and produce them in even fuller force.

Harry Winston’s 2011 Opus man is Denis Giguet of MCT, engineer slash watchmaker and better known as the creator of the miraculous Sequential One. Giguet loans his ability to the Opus game and wins it all with the Opus Xl.

With specific technology and architecture that has never been done before, the nifty mechanism gives the watch a rare personality—a volatile temperament that makes a sport of time. In addition to its task as a device, Opus XI features an machinated puzzle that solves itself on the hour. An extremely multifaceted gold case stages the show with three coinciding cylinders on three levels configured to deconstruct time. The core circle reads the time and is flanked by two offset pavilions.  One of the offset cases shows the minutes on a jumping disk for the tens and a running disk for the units. The other, slightly lower and smaller, displays the regular pulse of a big titanium balance-wheel.

The most intriguing aspect of this year’s Opus is a literal explosion of time which occurs as the hour strikes. The numeral of the hour, located at the center of the main case, reels off into chaos before immediately reassembling itself into the new hour.  The number remains still until the next disintegration of time. The spectacular movement is visible in full effect from the transparent sapphire-crystal covered back.

This intricate and sophisticated timepiece can be the next member of your collection for a mere $250,000.

[Source: www.swisstime.ch]