Haute Toys: The World’s Most Expensive Poker Set

If you love to play high stakes poker, now you finally can have a worthy poker set to play with. Geoffrey Parker, maker of the finest games on the globe, is offering the world’s most expensive poker set. Priced at $7.5 million, this bespoke set is a fine weaving of luxury and artistry. From the case to individual chips, each piece is a work of art in itself.

The skin case is made of finest alligator leather and the client can choose the color. It is fitted with hardware and combination locks made of white gold. Diamonds and 18k gold frame make up the case that comes with suede lining while holding 18k white gold chips. Each chip is further inlaid on both sides with Stingray skin.

Keeping with their international clientele, the luxury handmade game maker is offering the chips in any denomination and currency the client will like to have.

The value of each chip is often higher than the denomination they show for the edge of each is set with precious stone. Stones have been chosen in tandem with the color of the chip; so you have white diamond for white chips and black diamonds for the black, emeralds have been used for green chips while red chips come with ruby encrusted edges. Even the dealer button comes with two rows of diamonds.

In all, this uber cool poker set has 22, 364 stones whose total weightage is approximately 1,012 carats. And if that is not enough, there are the four decks of poker cards that are platinum coated. If you want to have this set for your next poker game, better order now as takes about six to nine months for the company to create one.

[Source: Luxist]