Haute Hotel: Trump SoHo

Keeping the critics quiet Trump SoHo brings boutique to a luxury hotel and 5-star luxury to chic Soho.

The mirrored facade of Trump SoHo

When Donald Trump first got approval to build an impressive 46-storey glass tower in Soho, critics were quick to point out that the high rise was out of proportion with the low-rise area.

Fast forward to 2011 and even though the panoramic views tell you that this building is indeed very high with little to block the unrivalled landscapes, from street level something more impressive happens: you can barely see it.

Mirrored glass facades reflect the sky or sunset to anyone looking directly at the building, while the neat location on the corner of Spring and Varick streets makes for an unobtrusive location. If you don’t believe it, try wandering around the chic neighbourhoods of Soho, Tribeca or the West Village looking for the high-rise and guaranteed you’ll feel part of an architect’s illusion too.

Yet for those stopping at the hotel–condominium this is just the beginning of a delightful stay of contrasts. Take for example the number of rooms on each floor. There are only 12. In what could so easily be another glitzy hotel full of corridors lacking in character, you actually find intimate zones with a cool and edgy decor. The overall feel is more boutique than brash.

The lobby
The lobby

The lobby too is unexpectedly understated for a luxury hotel. Dark wood, deep brown leathers, and luxurious, chocolate-colored sofas create intimate spaces in what is in actual fact an entrance with an impressive 22-foot high ceiling.

I should pause to say it’s hard to talk of the lobby without mentioning the doormen. Braving the winds outside and occasionally crowd managing the groups of screaming teenagers waiting for their idols staying at the hotel (one teenage fan proudly told me that the Jonas Brothers were there during my stay), the three friendly doormen should be noted for the personable touch they add to the hotel each time you leave or arrive. That’s not to mention their militant and speedy approach to whistling, signaling, and flagging down a cab when you need one.

Compared to other Trump hotels this friendlier vibe has been accredited to Trump’s children who helmed the project. Ivanka in particular had a hand in designing the hotel adding Fendi sofas, and, inspired by her travels to Istanbul, marble walls imported from the Middle East. She also brought the first luxury hamman spa to the city.

Their diligence has paid off in hiring staff that are professional yet down-to-earth. Indeed by the end of your stay the concierge, front house, and house staff will all be on first name terms and you’ll regret having to get by without them recommending you a restaurant for the night or call your cab.

The Taschen Library

The elegant lounge theme extends to the library, which overlooking the on goings in the lobby is popular daylong. Quieter than the lobby it’s a gorgeous spot to cozy up to the fire with a coffee or glass of champagne and one of the many Taschen art editions to browse through. Certainly you can imagine Ivanka lounging around with friends after an afternoon spent at the outdoor pool and bar.

By the time you’ve hovered in the lobby, stopped off in the library, and then whisked up to your floor, it’s hard to imagine there are another 43 floors in the same building. Well, 42 if you visit the spa and pool on the seventh floor.

Once you are in your room, even with the aforementioned relaxation areas and the two-starred Michelin restaurant, Quattro Gastronomia Italiana, the plush interior makes venturing out surprisingly difficult. Ivanka’s interior design touch has extended to king-sized beds scattered with oversized cushions and cool blue cashmere throws.

Each suite has a furnished living area and a bathroom with oversized bathtubs and shower rooms. I’ll admit, bathing while looking out of the window over the Hudson River and with the Empire State building in sight is likely become a thrice daily habit during your stay.

And yes, back to those landscapes. One of the Trump Hotel Collection’s top priorities in designing the hotel was to create commanding views. The team sent a photographer up on a crane to figure out the heights at which the Statue of Liberty became visible and when the panoramas of Midtown and the Hudson River emerged. From my bathtub, I know they found it.

Maybe the building is the first high rise in downtown Soho but then cities change. Hotels standards and expectations change and the Trump SoHo is a leading example of a contemporary, post-downturn and slightly more understated luxury hotel in New York. Friendly, luxurious, and intimate, with a sophistically 5-star service and amazing views. Now how can that be so bad?

6 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013 212 842 5500