Exhibiting Art for a Cause: Ara Gallery Opens in Dubai’s Downtown District

With the ever-expanding UAE arts scene, a host of regional and international art galleries have set up home in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. While such international presence is inspiring until now there seems to be a lack of initiatives to encourage the development of a local arts scene. Opening just last week in Dubai’s Downtown district, The Ara Gallery will dedicate itself entirely to the purpose of showcasing and nurturing young talented Arab artists.

The gallery’s title provides meaning to its motivations. The Arabic word”Ara” prounced “ara” means “to decorate or add beauty to; to make more pleasing; attractive,  and impressive. “Ara” prounced “ara’a” in Arabic means “opinionated.” Art does entail beautiful representations but it is also meant to provoke and provide the viewer with a visual message which often might challenge established credos.

The gallery prides itself on being a “concept” gallery meaning that it is driven by ideas rather than mere subject matter. Through monthly exhibitions, art fairs, workshops, and discussions Ara Gallery will promote artistic discourse. In addition the gallery aims to work closely with local universities, art galleries and other business in order to encourage and foster an art scene for development of Arab artists.

Located in Dubai’s vibrant downtown district, The Ara Gallery space is a welcoming and well-lit space with a range of art books and even a coffee area which encourages artistic discussion.

Ara Gallery’s founder Moza Mohamed Al Abbar was born in Singapore and spent the first 6 years of her childhood there before her family moved back to Dubai in 1991. She has an education in business and experience which includes working for an NGO which supports Arab youth through the pillars of entrepreneurship and unemployment. Moza’s great love for the arts coupled with her deep humanitarian concerns have led her to create The Ara Gallery. She hopes to expand The Ara Gallery into a holistic concept that combines art, culture and experience.

The Ara Gallery

Burj Plaza, Emaar Boulevard, Downtown Dubai

04 454 2784