Relax, Relieve: Post-Winter Spa Specials From Pranaa Ayurveda

Now that we are finally heading out of the winter season, we can bid farewell to the biting cold, icy roads and frumpy fashions that were more functional than fun to wear. To celebrate the coming of spring, Pranaa Ayurveda Spa & Yoga in Plano has released 12 new rejuvenating items to offer North Texans some relief.  Many of these new items are infused with rose, which is considered a balancing agent in traditional Indian holistic medicine. Rose oil used in facials, massages and body wraps is known to help calm emotions and soothe stress.

The Rose Massage and Steam starts with a decadent massage that includes pampering aromas of rose oils. Follow that with a special steam infused with rose petals and you’ll come out smelling—and feeling—like a rose. The Rose Body Polish with Massage and Steam rejuvenates the skin with exfoliating sea salts and rose petals.

Other new items feature warming elements such as honey, saffron and poppy seed to detoxify and balance skin to adapt to the harsh weather. Combat those allergies or that cold coming on with the 60 minute Allergy and Colds Relief treatment, which includes Nasyam, a nasal detox that provides relief from cold and allergy symptoms followed by a head, neck and shoulder massage to relieve cold related headaches. Or enjoy packages for brides and new moms to help create an instant escape without leaving DFW ( a great gift idea for Mother’s Day!) Take a break from spring cleaning and indulge in one of these haute spa treatments.