Haute Yachts: New Vulcan Line from Vicem Yachts

The time has come to enjoy the cool waters of the ocean. Wouldn’t it just be nice to do it on board of a wonderful and luxurious yacht? Since being founded in 1991, Vicem Yachts has always been focusing on three core values: total customization, impeccable craftsmanship, and timeless design.

In 2008, Vicem Yachts started the development program for the new Vulcan Line of mega-yachts. In the works are three yachts set to be launched between 2011 and 2012. To be able to continue with speeds in the 20-plus knots range and keep draft as shallow as possible for USA/Bahamas operation, Vicem decided to go with Dutch naval architect and designer Frank Mulder, known for designing many fast mega-yachts worldwide. They will be using Cored Fiberglass as the material for the series of yachts. Core-cell and Epoxy resin will be used for the entire structure.The hull and superstructure will also be post-cured with large heat blankets after lamination, ensuring that they will have a smooth appearance. You will be able to save money with the Vulcan line, as it integrates an integral tank construction, which provides more internal room for accommodations and the ability to carry more fuel for oceangoing trips at lower speeds.

The interior of the yachts will amaze you even more if the outside didn’t. Collaborating with interior design firm Art-Line Interiors. Prestigious yacht design “gurus” like Wetzels Brown Partners and Ken Freivokh Design are also behind the great interior design of the Vulcan Line, bringing different elements of design together.

There are three models set to launch: Vulcan 46 M, Vulcan 35 M Trideck, and Vulcan 32 M RPH. All three are under construction set and is to be designed by each interior designer. The Wetzels Brown Dutch design team will be involved in the interior design of the Vulcan 32 M RPH. The UK based Freivokh team will develop the 35 M Trideck and Art-Line has been involved with the 46-meter yacht since its inception.

For more information on the Vulcan Line, check out Vicem Yachts website.