Haute Fashion: Premiere of Exclusive Diamond-Encrusted Fashions

After the glitz and glamour of four days of fashion provided by more than 60 designers from 22 countries, it seemed Miami Beach International Fashion Week couldn’t possibly out-do itself. And then it did.

On the final night of fashion week, March 6, Sobol-Perry Fashion Productions called on Danasha Luxury of Lebanon for a grand finale that could do justice to the major eye candy of the previous three days. Danasha Luxury delivered, premiering two pieces from the company’s ultra-luxe, hyper-exclusive Butterfly Collection. On these two looks alone, more than 50 carats of diamonds were paraded down the runway as video cameras enlarged the images on massive screens, giving viewers a clear look at the dozens of sparkling gems. With price tags on these pieces at $30,000 to $50,000, and with all of the brand’s work being completely customized, Danasha Luxury appreciates that they’re targeting an elite clientele. Reflecting this extravagance, Danasha Luxury paired the Butterfly Collection pieces with jewels from the brand’s own line and gold and diamond-encrusted stilettos.

“The unveiling of these two opulent pieces was a special moment for us,” Abdallah Ezzeddine, CEO of Danahsa Luxury, said in a recent press release. “We did not allow anyone to see these specific pieces until the evening of the show.”

With Danasha Luxury’s goal of allowing each unique piece to garner the admiration it deserves, it comes as no surprise that the brand is taking its time premiering the rest of the collection. The only way to get an exclusive glimpse of what Danasha Luxury can create is to have a work of wearable art crafted exclusively for you.

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