Haute Dining: Joel Robuchon’s 3-Michelin Star Restaurant at the MGM Grand Las Vegas

Guess where Joel Robuchon’s only U.S. based three Michelin stars rated restaurant is? If you guessed New York you would be wrong. It is, in fact, in that bastion of good taste, Las Vegas. Tucked away in a corner of the MGM Grand Hotel casino. Joel Robuchon, an elegant oasis in a sea of Ed Hardy and worse. But I digress.

Chef Robuchon has 26 Michelin stars in his empire, which is more than any other chef; he is probably the most influential French chef of the post-nouvelle cuisine era. Known for his constant quest for perfection, Joel Robuchon has been instrumental in leading French cooking away from excessive aspects of classic cuisine towards a more delicate and natural offshoot. He may not man the kitchens anymore but he has trained his staff well; the food is nothing short of fantastic.

We chose the 6-course menu over the 4 and 16 courses. We reasoned that 4 courses was inadequate and the 16 might lead to severe stomach distress at some point (most likely when the bill is presented!) If you do plan on doing the 16 you will be signing on to a 3.5-hour dinner.

I’ll spare you the descriptive food porn but a few things we had that were outstanding: Caviar on a fennel cream served as a surprise Carpaccio of foie gras and potatoes covered with white truffle shavings Chestnut velouté with smoked lardons foam Braised veal cheeks in Thai broth; and vegetable couscous with broccoli Pan-fried sea bass with a lemon grass and stewed baby leeks.

This is highly technical cuisine with flawless execution and presentation. You will not be disappointed. The décor is elegant and intimate. The post meal freshly picked herb tea with a tower of sinful house made chocolates was a great finish.

The scene: dressy and formal; for tourists who can swallow a heavy bill, foodies form all over the word, high rollers MGM clients and more…

If you’re in Vegas you should indulge in this luxury.

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