Haute Desserts: Morton’s Celebrates Pi Day

Whether or not you excelled in your geometry class, there’s no denying everyone’s ability to enjoy a slice of pie. Morton’s the Steakhouse is celebrating a quirky holiday known as Pi Day on March 14 — 3.14, get it? — with a special on their famous Key Lime pie.

While some ignore this mathematical holiday, Morton’s is celebrating with a super sweet National Pi Day celebration where guests have the opportunity to get a slice of Key Lime Pie for only $3.14, which is a significant savings compared to the listed menu price of $10.50.  National Pi Day is celebrated across the country on March 14 (as in π or the nonstop number 3.14159265….). Here’s a quick refresher, though we’re sure that a slice of tart Key Lime pie would be a much more appreciated way to refresh yourself:  the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is Pi, or π, or 3.14, which is why the holiday is celebrated on March 14th every year.

Take advantage of this sweet deal when you’re at Morton’s this Monday, or make a special trip to celebrate this marvel of the math world.

Morton’s The Steakhouse  has two locations in Orange County, 1895 South Harbor Blvd., in Anaheim, 714.621.0101 and South Coast Plaza, 1641 W. Sunflower Ave., in Santa Ana, 714.444.4834. For full menus and more information, visit their official web site at www.mortons.com.

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