CREED Polo Team Announces Maximiliano Palacio as its Newest Player

CREED: the renowned fragrance company full of aromatic perfumes for both men and women, as well as bathroom products of scented soaps and shower gels. The only thing that is as famous for as their fragrant aromas is their polo team, which officially goes by the name Aventus. Now, many individuals around the globe are wondering who will be the newest professional player on this company team. Well, we’ve got the scoop.  The newest member has been named, and is taking his Argentinean roots to the field. None other than Maximiliano Palacio.

From Argentina, to England, to the United States, Palacio will be travelling with the CREED polo team amongst many other professional polo players, such as Argentina’s Marcos Di Paola, who is in the top 20 among professional polo players worldwide. As a polo player, and a co-star on Telemundo’s “12 Corazones,” Palacio will be no stranger to both the demanding and tiring responsibilities of being involved in a sports team, and the inevitable publicity that this upcoming team will receive in the Magual Polo Tournament. It’s safe to say that these young polo players will have a lot of rooters on their side.