Breguet Unveils Marie-Antoinette Inspired Jewelry at Baselworld 2011

When you hear the name Breguet, what do you think of? The first image that most likely enters into your mind are the beautiful, custom made watches, crafted in the best materials, and carved into magnanimous shapes and patterns. In short, you imagine some of the most stunning watches that past and previous generations have had the pleasure of laying eyes on. But although Breguet produces luxuriously unique watches, they also specialize in the delicate art-form of jewelry making.

Watches and Jewelry: two different aspects of accessorizing, yet two very similar ideas of crafting that must be perfected in order to manufacture the very best assortments. The practiced designers must obtain a keen eye for a splendid vision that is able to both keep the classic presentation of Breguet’s legacy, while also being innovative enough to astonish viewers. The skilled goldsmiths must have a talent for perfect crafting, creating a perfect imitation of the designer’s original conception. All polishers need a grasp of perfect shine, and must generate that impeccable shimmer into the presence of each watch and piece of jewelry. The gem setters must also be impeccable at their craft, as their addition to each piece is like the “cherry on top” of a masterpiece. But the inspiration within Breguet would have not been realized if it were not for the historic feminine figures of Europe, such as the infamous Marie Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette has influenced many series of movies, novels, biographies, clothing, and now she is inspiring the creators within Breguet’s realm. Her opulent fashion sense yet classic sensuality and elegance are reflected onto many different pieces, such as the newly added La Rose de la Reine jewelry set that has turned heads at this year’s Baselworld. The beautiful creations of Breguet surely take the wearer back to the royal lavishness of European courts, while still giving them enough modern attraction to be quite relevant, and quite dazzling, in our generation.