Written to Perfection: The $4,000 Graf Von Faber-Castell Pen

Graf von Faber-Castell, a premium writing company, is celebrating their 250th anniversary this year! Founded as a family company, it has been passed down through numerous generations, proving to transform the regular pen into a work of art. Over time, they have transformed the pencil into a true quality product that embodies luxury in simplicity. Their Pen of the Year 2011, which was just released, is priced at $3,995.00.

Made of Russian jade, this limited edition pen is perfect for the sophisticated socialite. This rare gemstone, which is found in Siberia, has an exact location that remains a mystery. Previously nicknamed an elixir of immortality, a special aura has tended to surround Jade since the beginning of time. This pen’s eight jade segments symbolize the eight generations that have shaped the family business to this day. With its timeless design and extraordinary aesthetics, this exclusive item is limited to just 1761 pens in the world.

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