Haute Toys: Ultimate Luxury Golf Cart, The Garia

For those who like to ride in style in the golf course, The Garia is worth owning. Manufactured in the same factory as the Porshe Boxster and Cayman, The Garia is built to the highest standards of the automotive industry and earned its right to be called a car than just a cart.

With unique features like a built-in refrigerator and hand-stitched seats,The Garia seems to have it all. It has a new, sporty, and dynamic look with innovative construction and technical layout. It has revolutionized the way gold carts are built. Designed and developed in Denmark, The Garia is the only golf car that feels like a real car when cruising down the golf course. It offers front suspension inspired by Formula 1 and great handling, assuring a safe ride.With an AC-motor and innovative lightweight construction, The Garia shows an impressive performance and acceleration.

The Garia comes in three models: The Garia LSV, The Garia Monaco, and The Garia Golf Car. The first two models are street legal, meaning they can be used for a cruise in the city. The Garia LSV can be used in golf courses as well as public roads less then 35 mph. The Monaco has the same abilities but on public roads, the minimum speed has to be complied with. The Garia golf cart can be used for only golf courses and in some local communities.

The Garia will be available come April 2011 as street legal, perfect to cruise down the city or the golf course. If you choose to create your own custom Garia, you can go to their online Garia design center. With more than 768 different combinations of color, styles, and upgrades, it will be The Garia of your dreams. Prices range from $15,999 for the street legal and $13,999 for the non-street legal Garia. To get a chance to get a look at it, the 81st edition of The Geneva International Motor Show will have it for those who are curious, which will take place in Palexpo in Geneva from March 3 through March 13.

To check out more info on The Garia, go to The Garia website.