Haute New Luxury Toys

It’s that time of year again, when every company is unveiling their latest luxury gift, gadget, car or must have fashion staple. I have narrowed down the list to the most unique and lavish toys out there. It’s quite possible that you, your lover or that friend that has anything and everything, will realize that they don’t have any of the toys on MY list. I surely don’t (and probably never will). Yet, it still gets me all hot and bothered just talking about it anyway. So, if your pockets are big enough, then empty them out a bit and splurge for heavens sake (or if you have access to someone else’s credit card you can splurge for them)!

Pagani Huayra

For the little speed demons of the world, who love fast cars and desire to be unique, then I have just the car for you.  The Pagani Huayra is the latest Italian super car from one of the smallest automakers in the world, Pagani.  At 700 hp with a 6.0-liter twin-turbo charged V12 engine, that manufacturers say can race to a top speed of over 230 mph, it’s safe to say the Huayra will get you out of a jam if you are running late.  The price tag for this little gem is $1.4 million.  Why, you ask? Because it has gull wing doors, is loaded with fancy gauges that you will never know how to work and is completely comprised of carbon fiber. Only 20 will be made per year for the entire world, so get on it!

Solid Gold Blackberry Torch

Yes, I know the Blackberry Torch has been out for ages now, but before you get your panties all twisted in a bunch, do you have the solid gold version?   Alexander Amoso who is known for his “blinged” out creations is at it again, with the 18-carat Solid Gold Blackberry Torch. The limited edition cell phone will be available in a variety of gold’s (yellow, rose and pink) with the option of adding diamonds if solid gold just isn’t enough. Even better, each handset comes in a matching crocodile or python gold Amosu case, with the ability to personalize your own name or company logo.  At, $12,725 thank- goodness it comes with an international concierge service and your own personal “golden number” that allows you to create a unique mobile number.

Biometric Wallet

This is a pretty exciting accessory for those who have been mugged once or twice.  The Dunhill Biometric wallet will only open with the touch of your fingerprint.  It is secured with a biometric fingerprint reader, ensuring that only you can open it.  It is virtually indestructible and provides a warning if the wallet is stolen or misplaced.  This would be a great gift for me as, I have had my wallet stolen and lost twice in the same year. Again, like the Pagani Huayra, the exterior of the wallet is constructed from carbon fiber.  No one is getting in this wallet unless perhaps they actually worked in the Dunhill factory.  The $825 price tag is not too shabby considering that it can possibly help you save money, because you probably won’t be able to get any of it out.

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