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  • Tanisha Harper
  • Growing up in the sweltering hot box some may know as Phoenix, Arizona meant one of two things for Tanisha Harper- turn into ashes by her 21st birthday (because everyone knows black attracts heat) or hightail it out of there for a breeze and a beach towel…the latter eventually won. Having traveled and lived all over the world as a print and runway model, she now calls only one place home, Los Angeles. Armed with a Bachelors degree in Media Arts and Marketing from the University of Arizona, Tanisha combined her educational achievements with her experience in the fashion industry and parlayed it into the entertainment world. She was brought on to host, write and co-produce award winning fashion and style mobile content for Verizon and other online and mobile media podcasts. She is formerly one of the founding members of Wardrobe Wire, a “how to” style and travel site where she was dedicated to her role as President and Fashion Editor. In addition to working as a freelance journalist and writer for fashion and lifestyle magazines and blogs, Tanisha also works as an on-camera host for various entertainment programs, and will soon be launching a new blog entitled, "A fashionable education." Contact Tanisha by email and hopefully one day soon on twitter.

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