Getting Your Piece of the Pie

Word is cupcakes are so 2010. Red velvet cake has outlived its retro hip-factor as well. And now pies are the sweet treat of choice for 2011.  If you ask me, either confection is worth your affection, so long as they are made just right.  And when they are, they are worth that extra time at the gym for sure.

And while cupcake spots have popped up all around the hub, bakeries dedicated to pies are not quite as popular yet.  Luckily, there is Petsi Pies with locations in Somerville and Cambridge.  You know your aunt that makes that killer pie every Thanksgiving that makes sitting through the dry turkey meal worth it?  The pies at Petsi are even better.

Everyone seems to show up to a party with a bottle of wine.  Stand out from the rest when you show up with a pie. These are homemade goodness type of pies – made with love – not the syrup-laden, doughy crust you find at the grocery store.  The hardest part is always which pie to choose.

What choices are on the Petsi Pie Chart?  On the sweet side, try the Southern Brown Butter Pecan, the Chocolate Cream or the Cherry Crumb. For savory selections try the Roasted Vegetable Tart with Vermont Goat Cheese, the Spinach Ricotta with Parmesan and Pine Nuts or the Chicken Pot Pie.

And should you not be able to give up your fascination with cupcakes and red velvet cake, not to fear.  Petsi Pies not only offers both, but has a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting that likely will never completely go out of vogue.

Petsi Pies is located at 285 Beacon St., Somerville 617.661.7437 and 31 Putnam Ave., Cambridge 617.499.0801