Food & Wine Magazine’s Best New Chefs Boston Nominees

Food & Wine Magazine is seeking out readers’ votes for the best new chef’s in America. Of the ten nominated from the New England area, half of them are from Boston based restaurants. Who do you think is worthy of the best new chef title?

And the nominees are…

An interesting twist to the proceedings is word that, according to Boston Restaurant Talk, Sensing is slated to close its doors. Where will that leave Barbin in the competition is still to be announced. Our hope is that Barbin lands somewhere else in Boston. Originally from France and mentored by Michelin starred chef Guy Martin there is almost certain to be a restaurant in Boston salivating to get their apron on him. In fact, there is a reoccurring theme through four of the five nominees as all recognize French inspiration in their menu offerings.

The 5 other chefs in the running for New England come from Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine.  Vermont is the only New England state not represented.

Our challenge to you is to head out and sample the tastes and culinary visual delights of each of these soon to be master chefs and let us know what you think. Do you prefer the head-to-tail, no-edible-morsel-left-behind stylings of Bissonnette at Coppa or the umami-centric flavors of the local seasonal offerings by Margate at Clink.? Should you choose to rise up to our challenge, we suggest you try Sensing first before they shutter up for good.

When one of these chefs has earned your vote, be sure to let us know before you head to Food & Wine Magazine to let your taste buds be heard.