BVLGARI’s Beverly Hills Oasis

On the busy intersection of Wilshire and Rodeo amidst the mix of celebrities, tourists and cars that bustle by is BVLGARI. The constant flow of pedestrians and gridlocked automotives seem to have polished an architectural diamond in the rough into a multi-dimensional gem in the form of Bvlgari’s sparkling store. When we were given the opportunity to get a tour of this Beverly Hills cultural landmark, ‘extravagance’ was the word of the day. These diamonds weren’t just diamonds, they were the diamonds draped across a naked Julianne Moore and two baby lion cubs in Bvlgari’s famed advertising campaign. A redheaded vixen at her finest, and in her finest.

Upon entry the warmth of arcing blonde wood enveloped us. The curving display cases seem to mimic the swooping emotion every girl feels in the pit of her stomach when her eyes scan over an expanse of diamonds. The play between the linear and the curvaceous within the architecture seems to mirror the crisp cuts found within a spherical diamond. We happily ogled the diamonds, reclined on the velour sofa, and were even offered water while we waited.

The Bvlgari store is three floors, with the penthouse housing a private (fully stocked) bar, with a view over aforementioned intersection. Who doesn’t want a glass of champagne when seated in the lap of luxury? We were happily surprised by the amount of other luxury goods Bvlgari carries, such as handbags, sunglasses, and ties.

Bvlgari is directly associated with luxury, but the best news yet is you can easily scoop up piece of luxury for a fraction of the price with their popular meticulously designed line, B Zero. B Zero’s ring prices are comparable to a pair of Louboutin’s. Even a necklace with Bvlgari’s name and trademark clean edges is yours for the taking. B Zero reminds us of the trademark line from that other jewelry store, across the street, the one with the robins egg blue boxes. Tiffany boxes used to be the cream of the crop, but with B Zero’s mature and understated designs, Bvlgari is giving that robin’s nest a run for her money.

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